Latest technology – superior results

By selectively inhibiting the infiltration of ultraviolet, infra-red, and visible light, Unique Tinting provides the greatest degree of solar protection and energy management on the market. With a vast range of films on offer and more than 30 years’ experience, Unique Tinting provide objective, professional advice that’s backed by a guarantee. Get in touch today.

Home window tinting that pays for itself

Making the decision to tint your home windows is one of the most logical home improvement decisions you can make. While increasing the visual appeal and aesthetic value of your home, residential window tinting also prevents UV damage to carpets and furniture while simultaneously reducing heating and cooling requirements. Reducing heating and cooling costs, home window tinting practically pays for itself. Don’t delay – contact Unique Tinting today for an obligation free quote.

Top 5 of Car Window Tinting

You take care of your car’s engine with regular tune-ups and maintenance, but have you thought about the care of your car’s windows? You may think of window tinting as simply an aesthetic enhancement, but it provides long-lasting functional benefits to protect you and your vehicle. Here’s a list of the top 5 benefits:
• Fade reduction
• UV ray blocking
• Solar heat rejection
• Shattered glass protection
• Privacy and security
The benefits of window tinting include more than aesthetic improvements. Done right, it will protect your vehicle and those who travel with you, providing long-term peace of mind. Get in touch with Unique Tinting today.

Stay youthful – protect yourself from the sun

If you have light or sensitive skin, you know what it’s like to feel the heat from the sun burning you through your car windows. Make sure your skin stays protected from the sun’s harmful rays by applying tinting to all your car windows. Window Tinting by Unique provides heat and glare reduction, personal privacy, safety glass, A/C heating cost reduction and 99% UV protection from fading. Don’t wait – bookings fill-up fast. Get in touch today.

Beat the sun

Virtually invisible window film rejects 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and repels heat – reducing energy consumption and improving climate control. Keeping heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer, professional window tinting protects home furnishings from fading and deterioration. Window tinting prevents glass from shattering in an accident, providing a valuable secondary safety feature.

Nano technology – smart science made tiny.

Nanotechnology is science, engineering, and technology conducted on a nanoscale, which is about 1 to 100 nanometers. Put simply, it’s smart science made tiny.

Applied to your vehicle interiors and exteriors and to hard and soft home surfaces, nanotechnology products such as Permanon and GTechniq offer state-of-the-art protection with minimal fuss.

Enhanced with smart surface functionality, Unique Tinting’s nanotechnology protection range prevents dirt, residue, bugs and grime from sticking to hard surfaces and protects soft surfaces from ingrained dirt, fading and most stains. If you’re sick of waxing, polishing and scrubbing soft and hard surfaces, get in touch with Unique Tinting today.

Window Tinting – experience counts.

Window tinting your vehicle, home or office provides many benefits, and the experience of your provider will dictate whether or not you receive all those benefits.

Applied correctly, the right film for a surface will dramatically reduce glare, prevent heat build-up and the reflection of UV rays. Applied incorrectly, and you will experience unnecessary glare, heat build-up and a diminished return on your investment.

When choosing a window tinting company, ask about previous work completed on similar jobs, the number of years the company has been in business and query quality assurance processes. Window tinting needs to be conducted in a dust free environment and by someone who has expertise across a range of films. Be wary of those that offer “too good to be true” prices for tinting services – are you getting the apprentice who has never tinting anything before or someone who is applying an imitation film imported from China? Go in knowing that cheaper isn’t always best. Ask for testimonials and if in doubt, ask for images of work recently completed. A competent, confident window tinting company should have all of this on hand and if they’re good at what they do, they will be only too happy to provide you with the proof.

Protect what you love

Most of us take out insurance for loved valuables, such as our car or home. But what about big ticket household items such as lounge suites, designer outdoor settings and expensive curtains? Often expensive to replace and time consuming to source, an accident in the home or office could leave you tearing your hair out. Protecting valuables from accidents and wear and tear caused by pets, family, friends and visitors has never been easier.

Unique Tinting’s fabric protection system provides house and office furnishings with lasting protection against stains, fading and mildew. One of Australia’s biggest suppliers of GTechniq Protection Products, the team at Unique Tinting are experts at prescribing solutions to correct fabric defects, remedy accidents or prevent stains and mildew from becoming permanent fixtures in your fabric. Don’t cry over spilt milk – get in touch today.

Can you love your car too much?

According to international research, the global auto industry is expected to produce 85 million sales in 2014, up from an estimated 82 million the year before. By 2018, sales are forecast to break 100 million. And the Australian Bureau of Statistics says that the average family has two or more cars. So just what is our obsession with vehicles and moving parts, and can you love your car too much?

After their home, people’s most precious possession is often their car.  While some people are indifferent and regard their car as a mode of transport only, others invest a lot of themselves in their car and in some cases see it as an extension of their personality.

A good example of ‘car love’ is when you stop at a traffic light and a cyclist pulls up beside you and steadies himself by placing his hand on your car – it instinctively feels like an invasion of your personal space.  You know that your reaction doesn’t make sense, but you can’t help it – that’s because your car has become an extension of who you are.

We can see how important cars are to people from the trouble they take to choose one, the time they put in about its upkeep, and the way they protect and care for their car.  Some people even name their car! The drive to individuate one’s car in this way is very widespread, and it reveals a lot about people’s relationship with their car and to cars in general.

By treating or ‘loving’ cars in this way, people convey – both to others as well as themselves – what their car means to them, which lays a foundation for how they treat their car, take care of it, and get upset if it’s damaged.  So can you love your car too much? We don’t think so, and 85 million people can’t be wrong.