Kiss waxing goodbye

A non-toxic line of surface protection products, Permanon is water based, biodegradable and durable (it can only be removed with a high alkaline cleaner).

Permanon’s technology allows for rapid application of a transparent UV resistant coating that is safe for all solid indoor and outdoor surfaces. Once applied, the surface will have a brilliant shine, be extremely water repellent and resistant to heavy soiling. Permanon resists nearly all acids, alkaline solutions and solvents. Any hard surface can be treated – plastics, metals, painted/varnished surfaces, gel coat, glass, FRP and polished stone. Permanon is quick and easy to apply and goes the distance.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Unique Tinting today to discuss your surface protection needs.

Glass Houses

A look at the content of today’s architectural magazines shows that architects have a fondness for big expanses of glass.

Employed for its beauty and practicality, glass is used in many new homes, renovations, office buildings and commercial fit-outs. On the flip side, glass brings with it an increase in energy costs, excessive glare and harmful UV rays. The use of a suitable window film will lower temperatures, reduce glare and remove 99% of UV rays – making glass suitable and practical for the home and office environment.

Through professional advice and expert application, Unique Tinting can reduce high energy costs, excessive glare and UV complications. For more information about glass window treatments, contact us today.

Factory tinting – minus the factory.

If you work in the automotive industry, you’re probably constantly asked by would-be car buyers and motoring enthusiasts about after-sale service. Reminding buyers that your service is second to none, world class and tailored to the buyer makes for great marketing cache, but providing evidence of your professional relationships, quality guarantees and workmanship is even better. Let’s take car window tinting for instance.

Some people believe that factory fitted tinting is best, however many are unaware of the benefits provided by after-sale tinting.  Unlike factory tinting (which is in fact just coloured glass), after-sale tinting will prevent glass fragments from showering passengers in event of an accident. After-sale tinting will also block 99% of UV rays, reduce glare, and be more aesthetically pleasing (charcoal / grey – not green). Better still, after-sale tinting allows you to choose the tint that suits you best!

The reality is, when it comes to dark windows, there are many unscrupulous suppliers out there. The internet is full of horror stories about cracked, peeling and bubbled tints. The good news is, Unique Tinting knows its products, knows your clients, and delivers exceptional after-sale service. Every car tinted by Unique Window Tinting undergoes a quality check before leaving the showroom – no car will ever leave a showroom with less than perfect tinting. Further, every tint comes with a professional manufacturers warranty and application guarantee.

Unique Tinting offers peace of mind for you – and peace of mind for your customers. What are you waiting for? Contact us today.