Get sun-smart behind the wheel

Yep, it’s that time of year again. The UV ratings are creeping upwards, and the dreaded hole in the ozone layer is looming large over the Antarctic and creeping up towards southern Australia.

Tinting your car windows is one of the best ways to protect your skin – and that of your family – from sun damage. You might think that in your vehicle, you are already well-protected, but it is widely documented that some of the most common sites for melanoma and other sun-related skin damage are the right arms of regular drivers and the back of people’s hands. Not surprisingly, these are the two places that are continually exposed to sunlight during those hours you spend behind the wheel.

There is no substitute for high SPF sunscreen and protective clothing, but it’s worth drawing on all the tools in your arsenal to defend against one of Australia’s greatest killers. Unique Window Tinting’s high performance tint films all provide 99% UV light rejection. It’s only October – the ideal time to bolster your defences before the onslaught of summer.

How do you like them apples?

It’s undeniable that the late Steve Job’s innovative brand, Apple, has taken the world by storm. The number two on Fortune’s global 500, Apple represents one of the savviest product marketing strategies of all time. But if you think that innovative technology and the term ‘nano’ only relate to Apple, think again.

In a society drive by need and speed, consumers don’t just want the best in computing technology, they want the best in everything. Top of the line surface protection treatments and the latest in window tinting films and techniques are no exception.

Utilising the latest in nano technology, Unique Tinting supplies and applies Permanon and GTechniq paint, fabric and glass coating solutions to hard and fabric surfaces.  Safe and simple to apply, these products are ideally suited to the interior and exterior of cars, boats and planes, and produce brilliant shine on any hard surface.

So getting back to Apple, let’s talk nano. The technology behind Permanon and GTechniq products is nano based. When applied, nano-engineered particles of Permanon Silicium (Si14) electrostatically bond and fill microscopic pores and pits that naturally occur in solid materials. Permanon bridges and fills these pores and pits; making it hard for dirt and bacteria to bond or embed to the surface. This process makes cleaning easier and longer lasting.

Specially formulated for treating fabric, carpet and velour surfaces, GTechniq is also a nano based, barrier forming product. Acting to surround individual fibres right down to the base, GTechniq provides an invisible barrier which helps prevent unsightly stains and soiling. This barrier remains on the surface where they can be more easily and efficiently cleaned and removed.

We may not be on Fortune’s global 500, but we listen to the wants and needs of our customers and stay abreast of the latest in interior and exterior surface protection.

So, how do you like them apples?