Bahasa Katut, Rhonda pimped her ride!

For those who haven’t visited Bali, ‘bahasa’ means goodbye, and with all the savings Rhonda made with AAMI, she was able to pimp her ride and speed away in what looked like a showroom car that left poor Katut at the kerb.

Having a showroom car isn’t just about appearance; it’s also about preventative maintenance. Protecting your vehicles from minor damage with paint treatment not only offers the sophisticated look of a showroom car, but also repels dirt, leaving the chore of cleaning your vehicle in the dust (along with poor Katut).

Pimping the exterior of your vehicles is just one half of the equation. With children in and out of the car after a sweaty sport match, friends bumping a ride, pets joining family picnics, drinks and snacks in the car and those accidental spillages – well that’s just a recipe for interior protection. Unique Tinting’s interior treatment fights against odours clinging to the interior, protects against dirt and spills and extends fabric/leather life, which enhances the resale value.

Now I don’t know about you, but I wonder if we should call Katut a cab?

We’re all going on a summer holiday…

Dreading those long road trips with the kids and the dog in the summer heat? Dread no more.

So you’ve just bought your new car or had your car serviced, ready for the family getaway and your neighbour brings to your attention your ‘naked’ windows. You ask yourself, “What’s the point of changing the windows?” The answer: a tint-full.

Having your windows tinted can cool your car down and save on air conditioning (which in turn saves money on fuel – and we all a like a saving!). Tinting also reduces the interior’s fading and helps maintain the value of your vehicle.

But the pro’s aren’t just for the family wagon, tinting protects the passengers and pets from harsh UV rays, keeping you looking younger. It also provides a sense of security and privacy once you’ve parked your car or if you’re unlucky to have hoons drive up beside you at the lights.

The only thing Unique Tinting can’t cool down for you is if you get lost and don’t ask for directions like your wife told you to.

Sydney City or slippery city?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know how up and down the weather in Sydney has been. One day it’s hotter than a jalapeño, the next it’s like we’re living in Antarctica.

When you think of summer, sun and surf are words most likely on the tip of your tongue and whilst it’s vital to protect your car from the effect of blazing UV rays and sand, there’s more than just one element to consider.

What about wind and rain damage to your beautiful beast on wheels? When it’s wet in Sydney, it’s wet on the roads, which means your car is at the mercy of dirt and rocks, not to mention hail damage when the skies really open up.

Unique’s Paint protection and glass coating are sure-fire ways to protect against all environmental elements.

Unique Tinting is known in the market for providing the latest in paint protection and glass coating. Protecting your vehicles from minor damage, Unique Tinting’s GTechniq and Permanon products offer the look of new paint with minimal disruption.

People come to us with a problem; we provide them with the solution.

So, what’s your problem?

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Picture this…blazing sun, 40-degree days, and the kids salivating to be taken to the beach. An abundance of Summer fruits and drinks, plus games in the park with your favourite pooch.

With the festive season looming faster than you can say “Ho, Ho, Ho,” it’s not only a time of year to prepare yourself for the bountiful celebrations; it’s time to prepare your car for the holiday fun ahead.

Sure the holidays are a time for surf and sand, a champers or two and some good old-fashioned Christmas presents, but it’s no time to become lax about the state of your car.

Beach = sand and water, dogs = dirt and smell; ‘friends’ you surely don’t want cuddling up to your car interior.

Fabric and leather treatment for your car is essential if you want to preserve that beautiful new car look and feel over the holidays.

It’s great to be sun smart, but let’s be car smart too.