Get your kicks, but not on Route 66

Contrary to popular belief, roads in Australia are being constantly improved. The duplication of the Hume highway between Melbourne and Sydney was finally completed in September of 2013. You can now cruise the whole way with four lanes baby!

So if you hightailed it it out of town this holiday season, and enjoyed some of our nations roads, it may be time to think about whether your car enjoyed it as much as you did.

A long drive doesn’t just involve calming excited kids down, rest stops and traffic. It can also take a toll on the car. If we protect ourselves from the potential pitfalls of a long drive, why not go the extra mile and protect our cars as well?

You can protect your wheels from dust and grim before, during and after a long road trip, by calling Unique Window Tinting. We offer a unique product that protects your car’s rims from wheel corrosion and dirt adhesion, improving the long-term life of your wheels.

We have all heard of pre road trip checks to complete before hitting the road for a long drive. But what about post road trip checks? If you drove this holiday season, we have a practical and time efficient approach that will block brake dust and other contaminants for you, long after your car has been returned to its driveway.

Keep your wheels in great shape for the New Year and continue to appreciate some of our nations great, new and improved roads.

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